Dear diary, I feel like a 6th grader in sex-ed again!

Picked up some pizza tonight and upon opening the box, something caught my eye!!  Now the question is, is this intentional and someone wanted to bring a whole new meaning to the term Pizza “Delight”, or was this purely accidental, and all red peppers have an erected penis attached to them?   The mystery remains, and either way, it makes me giggle like I was back in school and our sex-ed teacher took out this giant wooden dildo to put a condom on for practice!  Yay dildos! Seems every week that gas prices go up, they make a point of...


Dear diary, put another shrimp on the barbie!!

Might be because I’m no longer on facebook or have any type of social life, but not much going on these days!   We have the elections tomorrow!!   How exciting is that!?   I bet you senior housing facilities are prepping right now with TV highlights followed by midnight madness Bingo! And for what you ask?   Well, likely another 4 years of empty promises and blaming the previous government for position we’re in!   If anyone’s curious about the definition of “recycling”, well, just look at the political party life-cycle. I also enjoy hearing all of the provincial...


Dear diary, what is this world coming to!?

Not sure about you guys, but I’m becoming terrified of everything happening to society these days!! Geezus! Is the apocalypse upon us, or are people in general losing their minds for a specific reason? For the last month, at least once a week I’m hearing about cases of unlawful confinement in our area and I can’t understand for the life of me why this type of crime is somehow “trending”… Is it the weather? Is it an “unlawful confinement” time of year? In other exciting news,  Microsoft just acquired Minecraft for $2.5 billion dollars, which is a pretty big deal...