So who is this guy?   Nobody special really!    I’m just a guy, sitting in front of a computer, typing shit to entertain myself….

BouctoucheI grew up in a small town in East Coast NB called Bouctouche (yes, in Canada), and no, we didn’t sleep in igloos and we did have running water, sorry to burst the stereotypical Canadian raised image…  I was actually pretty spoiled growing up, not like Hilton sisters, but I had all you can eat pop-tarts and my parents did the best they could knowing I likely wouldn’t become a famous singer or an underwear model.   I tried learning guitar, which I did enjoy quite a bit, but realized pretty quick I’d never make a living at it.  Instead, I had to focus on another career, and luckily enough, that was IT / computers!   I find this industry to my liking because you never really get bored or fall into a repetitive routine because it constantly changes and evolves.    The Interweb has changed the way we do everything!  It’s mind boggling!!   Just the other day I was googling “midget tranny having sex with goat”, and to my surprise I got a pop-up asking “What kind of goat?”….